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forkedconsumerv3.pngFinancial Software for Professionals

Balance makes web and mobile based software for professionals.  We view personal finance as a complex, stressful chore that requires powerful technology and often professional assistance.  With Balance, we help bring everyone and everything into one secure place to get things done faster.

Our team members have a wide variety of backgrounds in technology, personal finance and business management. Balance was acquired by TaxACT in October of 2013 and will begin integrating tax preparation tools.

client portal.pngWeb Based SaaS platform for Financial Advisors, CPAs & Money Managers

Balance helps professionals deliver services more efficiently and effectively in order to grow their business and build stronger relationships with their clients.  Balance provides an easy to use branded portal that gives a detailed view of your clients finances and collaboration and task management tools to make working together easier and more effective.

note.pngA Collaborative Approach to Financial Services Technology

Financial tasks are often best done by committee.  Whether you are trying to organize a budget with your spouse, setup a retirement plan with a trusted advisor or organizing your tax information with a CPA, financial chores are often best accomplished with easy access to information and professional guidance and advice.  At Balance, we build financial tools that fit the naturally collaborative approach most people and businesses take towards answering tough questions and managing financial projects.